Kyosemi Corp of Japan


Kyosemi is a  manufacturer and provider of semiconductor devices including semiconductor elements and sensors, optical communication-use devices, spherical solar cell, and other semiconductor-related products. 


Optical  Communication : They provide a varied line-up of products, such as long wavelength photodiode, laser diode (e.g. VCSEL), and module products (e.g. Pigtail module). 


Optical Sensing & Control : They provide light-sensitive and light emitting elements for ultraviolet, infra-red and long wavelength rays, using silicon and compound semiconductor materials (APD, PIN PD, UV LED, IR LED). 


Spherical Micro Solar Cell : Is their unique invention, the 1-2mm Spherical Micro Solar Cell, Sphelar®. Sphelar® is their registered trademark.


Optical Communication Devices


Long wavelength range light sensitive/emitting elements


Short wavelength range light sensitive/emitting elements


Receiver modules




Microfabricated Silicon Products for Optical Communications


Si-V groove platform


Submounted photodiodes




LEDs for Measurement, Control  and Display


LEDs (ultraviolet, visible and infrared)


Dual-wavelength LEDs, LED arrays




Light-sensitive Elements for Measurement and Control


Photodiodes, phototransistors, ultraviolet sensors, array sensors



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New UV products

Kyosemi offer new UV devices in a special package capable of housing optical filters.

New InGaAsProducts

Side detecting InGaAS photodiodes chips make easy detection for hybrid applications

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