Solar cells and modules

Kyosemis range of Sphelar solar cells and Modules includes single element components, modules with 12 elements and dome modules with higher cell numbers.


Sphelar One

Single element solar cell available in T1(3mm) and T1 3/4 (5mm) sizes

Sphelar F12

Versatile 12 element module in robust polycarbonate 24mm x 9.5mm footprint. The 12 elements are available in different voltage and current configurations.

Sphelar Dome and Mini Dome

Fully integrated solar harvesting modules to power your remote electronics.


For data or more information on selecting the module for your application please call us or visit the Kyosemi Sphelar website

Sphelar is a registered Trademark owned by Kyosemi

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New UV products

Kyosemi offer new UV devices in a special package capable of housing optical filters.

New InGaAsProducts

Side detecting InGaAS photodiodes chips make easy detection for hybrid applications

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